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Below are a few things that we know we’re good at. We promise to tell you whether or not we’re the best fit for a project.

We are the premier services provider for Magnolia CMS

A content management platform lies at the heart of every great digital experience. The perfect digital experience also needs the help of talented, knowledgeable and experienced CM professionals like those here at NRG Edge. We understand the need to integrate with existing corporate data systems and infrastructures, as well as third party applications. Let our team help your team realize your organization’s perfect digital experience.

Dedicated to supporting Magnolia CMS clients now and in the future

As Magnolia CMS infuses its platform with innovative technologies and adds new CMS product features, our expertise expands in lockstep. Additionally, both companies share their core Magnolia CMS development efforts, which further strengthens the partnership as well as the capabilities of the CMS.

Using Magnolia CMS, we enable web and mobile sites with responsive and adaptive design and content management publishing.

Let us help with your Magnolia implementation.

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Our Magnolia CMS expertise

Any successful Magnolia implementation requires expert familiarity with Magnolia’s Java-based platform, its enterprise modules, its supporting modular architecture and its features and functions. We cover all the bases.

Apps & modules

In addition to our technical proficiencies, we implement solutions that take advantage of Magnolia Apps, which are tools that allow organizations to work on one task or a specific function within the CMS. We take Magnolia’s UI widget set and framework and write custom, content management apps for client-specific processes. For example, we can implement Magnolia’s new Blossom module, which allows us to better leverage the Spring programming model in the development of complex and transactional websites.

Publishing workflow

We help clients understand, set up and customize Magnolia’s publishing workflow module to create a result that maps specifically to an organization’s requirements; e.g., regulatory compliance, legal, etc.

Custom support & end-user training

If required, we provide end-user training tailored specifically to the client’s implementation of Magnolia CMS. We also complement Magnolia’s core solution support by providing clients with several service level agreement (SLA) options in support of the custom modules and applications we develop.

Templates & UI design

We create Magnolia templates that bring consistent structural integrity to creative layouts and design files with resulting pages that are easy to content manage. We leverage our HTML and CSS skills, which turn an organization’s internally created or agency-crafted designs into markup that fits Magnolia’s templates. Depending on the client brand requirements, we can use Magnolia’s Standard Templating Kit (STK), or we can build custom templates.

Multisite / multistore implementations

We can build multiple site and store presentations under a single brand.

Additional technical proficiencies


Magnolia CMS integration services

We take full advantage of Magnolia’s extensibility and open architecture to integrate with other organizational frameworks, third-party applications, systems of record and enterprise architectures.

In the last few years, REST has emerged as the main web service design model. We are experts at working with interface APIs including REST services and SOAP APIs.

We integrate Magnolia with eCommerce platforms (e.g., Magento, IBM® WebSphere® Commerce), digital asset management applications (e.g., Alfresco, SharePoint), social media, CRMs (e.g., Salesforce), analytics (e.g., Google), on-site search (e.g., Apache Solr), marketing automation, and enterprise systems (e.g., SAP).

Building the future together with Magnolia CMS

Magnolia is one of the world’s leading commercial, open source content management solutions and is among the favored Java web development platforms. The product’s inherent flexibility allows it to work well with existing infrastructures, and its easy-to-use content authoring and management tool delivers consistent, branded customer experiences to any device. As Magnolia’s premier services partner in North America, NRG Edge has made Magnolia it’s CMS partner of choice for omnichannel solutions.

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User interface development services

Our development team includes both User Experience (UX) designers and User Interface (UI) developers. Combining the expertise of both disciplines enables us to build better client-specific applications because we blend the ideas of design with the capabilities of the underlying technologies from the start. The process removes conflict and allows design and development processes to work in tandem with each other, which achieves the desired result in notably less time.

We stay current when it comes to using modern frameworks and technologies.

We use frameworks such as AngularJS and Backbone.js, and we use tools, like Yeoman, Karma, Protractor, Jasmine and Grunt, to jump start projects, automate testing, tasks and deployment processes. We create mobile-first web applications that are responsive and adaptive to client-specified devices and browsers. We also build native and hybrid mobile apps.

Web and mobile apps

By combining our UI / UX application development skills with our Magnolia CMS expertise, we can build Web and mobile applications that are content managed, which is unique in the marketplace.

We believe it provides Magnolia CMS clients with a strategic advantage in that it strengthens their efforts to provide customers with a branded digital experience. In most instances, our UI development efforts include Magnolia CMS, but we’ve also developed web and mobile applications as standalone projects independent of Magnolia CMS.

Agile Delivery

We approach Magnolia projects using a lightweight agile delivery method. The approach allows organizations to see results on an incremental basis and make adjustments as needed.

Cross-functional teams

We work in cross-functional teams, which are lean, highly communicative and by nature, flexible. Depending on requirements, a typical Magnolia CMS project will use a combination of the following NRG Edge roles: project lead, analyst lead(s), QA analyst / tester(s), Web designer(s), UI / HTML developer(s), solution architect / development lead, technical lead, UI developer, and Magnolia developer(s).


Prior to the start of development sprints, we begin a project with an in-depth analysis and project definition effort, which we refer to as Sprint 0. This effort verifies and adjusts high-level assumptions from which we deliver a detailed, sprint-based project schedule and plan for all of a project’s phases with a high level of confidence. A typical Sprint 0 duration is two to three weeks depending on the project’s complexity.

Best practices

NRG Edge applies best practice project governance standards to all implementation projects. Project schedules and plans define tasks, internal and external dependencies and provide accountability for the project’s delivery. Weekly status reports are distributed outlining project status, project milestones, project accomplishments, high-impact issues and risks. During initial coordination, NRG Edge and the client determine an appropriate communication plan and stakeholder participation levels.

As part of our services mantra, we make sure our work is synchronized with project’s goals and always within context of the client’s brand and messaging. We believe this provides organizations with a strategic advantage on every Magnolia CMS project. Further, our experience of working closely in cooperation with an organization’s creative group, agency and IT staff provides better project continuity, sharper focus and clearer communication.

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