Mission-Critical Apps

NRG Edge engineers mission-critical applications that organizations can rely on when it counts most.

CMS users can use the authoring tools and templates to visualize the mission-critical app content placement and rendering.

Single Page applications(SPAs) such as Angular and React can be uniquely integrated with Magnolia. Existing enterprise mission-critical applications can be integrated with dynamic CMS content by retrieving content from Magnolia via the RESTful API. In this approach, the SPA is still powering the delivery of the application, while CMS users use all the powerful content tools that come with Magnolia: preview, in-context editing, drag-and-drop page composition, personalization and analytics.

Secure Encryption

Preventive Maintenance

Priority Response Time

Secure Encryption

Mission-critical applications must be designed and built with encryption safeguards to ensure only authorized users have access to your organization’s sensitive data. Of course, the best option to protect critical systems is encryption. Therefore, NRG Edge creates mission-critical systems and applications that incorporate the latest encryption and security measures.

Preventive Maintenance

To prevent critical system failure, every organization must have a reliable early-detection plan that includes regularly-scheduled system maintenance checks. At NRG Edge, our team of engineers performs regular reviews of your system and installs updates and patches when necessary to ensure your organization’s system remains available.

Priority Response Time

Unfortunately, there might be times when an issue with your organization’s critical system arises. If there is ever a problem, the knowledgeable technicians at NRG Edge offer expedited response times and provide the fastest problem resolution possible. If necessary, our staff has the ability to provide 24-7 on-site assistance to make repairs during high-severity events.

The NRG < Edge >

UI First implementation on time and above expectation.

Since 2008, our dedication to supporting our clients now and in the future has established NRG Edge as a premier partner in implementing and integrating enterprise-level CMS solutions on time, and within budget. Our people are skilled Magnolia developers and technicians, Java developers, systems integration and implementation specialists, systems architects, Web designers, application developers and business analysts. Our efforts are guided by a project management discipline and an agile approach to delivery, which minimizes risk, maximizes resources and allows for flexibility. We deliver quality work on time and within budget.

How We Do It

Solution Analysis

Projects begin with definition. Our business analysts and systems architects meet with an organization’s team to collect and review the information necessary for us to submit a detailed project proposal and create definition.

Proof of Concept

Based on an organization’s technical and business requirements, we will develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate the selection of a Magnolia CMS solution.

Project Management

Our project management professionals guide Magnolia CMS project teams from kickoff to celebratory conclusion.


Based on a client’s IT infrastructure capabilities, resources and volume requirements, we will set up and configure a client’s Magnolia solution to be managed either in­-house, within a third­-party infrastructure, or in a cloud­-based environment.

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