What Is Magnolia CMS?


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Magnolia CMS is a digital enterprise platform with a content management system at its core. It is designed to provide users with the tools and features necessary for demanding multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-site digital experiences. Because Magnolia is an open Java platform, organizations are able to create digital content, execute marketing and sales strategies, and receive feedback from clients seamlessly from a variety of platforms. With this software, users have a combination of power and agility that is simply not possible with other CMS platforms. It's also an extremely user-friendly. Magnolia's custom dashboard gives users the ability to work smarter and faster using data and insight to make the best organizational decisions.

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Why Choose Magnolia CMS?

Organizations all over the globe are constantly searching for new ways to improve the customization of their digital content. However, many aren't sure where to begin and feel like they need a large amount of content to start. This isn't the case with the Magnolia. Users have the ability to launch new websites and applications without creating any new content. Rather, the platform gives users the ability to recycle the content they already have deliver it to clients based on their interests.

Magnolia CMS is an extremely-powerful open-source content management platform for both front-end and back-end developers. Front-end developers and/or content creators have the ability to produce and deliver new content without having to know Java. The powerful backend of Magnolia provides programmers and web developers with the ability to customize and tailor the platform to meet their preferences.

The Magnolia CMS is built to handle a large number of integrations. This customizability is due to Magnolia's open standards, open APIs, open architecture, and pre-built connections.

Finally, the NRG-Edge team has experience delivering relevant, content-driven solutions using Magnolia CMS for clients in a variety of industries. Contact the NRG-Edge team today and find out more about a custom Magnolia solution that meets your organization's needs.

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