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The Challenge

A U.S. Government agency in charge of security for the nation's transportation systems needed to replace an antiquated intranet portal that was ill-suited to keep pace with the agency's requirements to support more sophisticated internal communications.

To fix the issue, the agency called one of the federal government's largest providers of technology solutions and strategic consulting services. In turn, that firm called NRG Edge. This particular project called for replacing an existing intranet portal with a new solution that would serve as a communication proxy between the federal security agency's security operations center (SOC) and all of its internal customers. The solution was to be a configurable visual layer that would present information to customers and also allow them to interact with the SOC. The solution would have to support multiple customer portals and be managed from a single platform.

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The Solution

In essence, the Magnolia Digital Business Platform and CMS was selected to become the foundation on which a new internal information management capability (an intranet) would be built for the agency’s SOC. NRG Edge was selected as the project’s development and implementation services provider. NRG Edge provided project management, site design and wireframe consultancy, developed the page prototypes and templates, integrated Magnolia with designated internal systems, and provided a reporting capability. In developing the solution, NRG Edge implemented Magnolia’s standard templating kit (STK) component library. Today, that federal security agency has an intuitive content management solution that supports the information needs of multiple audience portals while operating from a single platform. The project was completed in five months and within budget.

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